Jewellery & Bags Care

General Guide on Fashion Jewellery Care

1. Keep your Jewellery away from perfumes, chemicals and high floride/Chloride content water (Swimming Pool).
2. Avoid wearing them continuously for days  and while taking shower.
3. Store them in a dry place and do not place them in velvet pouches to avoid breakage and tangling while storage.
4. Clean them dry after usage to remove perspiration and dirt from product.
5. Store them on flat and take special care of post back earrings while storage
6. Try to keep an extra pair of backs for all post back earrings.

General Guide on Bags Care
1. Avoid carrying Edible products in the bags/Clutches/Pouches
2. Check the dimensions before storing and carrying products as over filled bags will deteriorate faster
3. Keep them in cool, dry and clean place , preferably covered.