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Life is all about celebrating it to the fullest, making the most of it, every day!

Women rarely treat themselves with something that makes them literally happy.Buying Jewellery is one of those rare treats. That too, a set of scintillating earrings, is one of the best accessories to make you glow and look like a goddess. Be it an important upgrade in your life, a much-awaited office promotion or an upcoming prom night, there need not to be a definitive reason to get yourself a pair of stunning earrings.

Sometimes, the urge is really at the peak and you end up buying an amazing pair that doesn’t flatter your face as expected. Been there, done that, Rebel Hearts understands this situation to the tee. Therefore, we are presenting you with a few tips that will help you to choose the perfect set of earrings according to your face shape.So that the earrings set flatters your facial mold and makes your ensemble even more captivating.


1. The Round Face


Are you a victim of ‘googli-googli mush’ by every friend/relative of yours?

If yes, then you truly are a round-faced woman wide at your cheekbones without narrowing down at your chin. Well, for you the ‘main mantra’ is to opt for danglers always. Be it an office party, a wedding or a brunch with your ladies, you can go for modern, ethnic or fusion type of danglers or tassles that accentuates your features.

 Rebel Hearts have some amazing danglers that you can check out for your round face:



2. The Oval Face


 Now, if your face narrows down towards your chin and your forehead isn’t that prominently wide, take a bow girl, you are blessed to be an oval faced. Well, you can easily sport any earring and that will look great on you. Be it those studs, danglers, tassles, drops, anything and everything will look spot-on on your face.

Rebel Hearts have some amazing designs that you can check out for your oval face:



3. The Square Face

Well, square face is a tough nut to crack.


As you need to soften your jawline and take the attention from your wide forehead simultaneously. No worries, Rebel Hearts have got you sorted on these too. You can confidently wear hoops, exaggerated rounded shapes, dangles, and teardrops. Go for anything be it a fusion teardrops, modern dangles or ethnic roundies, but do make it a point to stay away from the square studs or teardrops that makes your facial hard angles look prominent.

Rebel Hearts have some amazing roundies to soften the edges of your square face.



4. The Diamond Face


The classic shape for a face with very extreme angles like wider cheeks, narrowed chin and forehead makes for the beautiful diamond face. Women with diamond face are always best friends with studs, teardrops, small hoops and basically every earring set that is simple and elegant. Remember to say a clear NO to long dangles or heavy style sets.

Try these beautiful teardrops and studs from our Rebel Hearts collection:



5. The Heart-Shaped Face


A tapering chin, wide forehead , Widows peak and ultra-strong cheekbones make for a typical heart-shaped face.  For this kind of shape, small danglers, tiny hoops and teardrops make the best pair. Also, stay away from the triangular hoops or dangles because they make your face look very heavy.

You can check out these small danglers and drops for your face shape:



6. The Rectangle Face


 Now this face type, is the longer version of a square face. If you are a rectangle faced-woman, then the best choices for rectangle faces are buttons, hoops, and ovals. Always go for rounded edges and not the sharp angles. You'll want to stick with rounded edges, not sharp angles. Studs and dangles don’t make for a good pair with you, so go past them!

Rebel hearts collection has these amazing oval shaped earrings. You can check the complete collection for more varsities:



So now we are sure that you know your face type ! Then what are you waiting for?

It’s the time to pick the right set of earrings for your face-type.

At Rebel Hearts, we have made sure that all our design types cater to all the woman out there. We encourage you to come and experiment with your fashion. Studs, danglers, ethnic jhumkis, indo-western earrings or modern tassles/studs are a part of our offerings in assorted styles. All our earring sets have a story that takes inspiration from couture runways to current street style to deliver new, must-have styles to our customers.


So, when it’s time to buy a new set of earring, Rebel Hearts makes sure you settle for nothing but perfection.

Wait no more and buy these exquisite pieces today!



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